LA 1100D

Full Range high performance
compact D class amplifier

Compact size for easy installation
Latest class-D monoblock circuit design
Surface mount components technology
2 Layers PCB board, and balance input circuit design
Audio precision quality control verification
Blue “ Blam” Logo illumination

Low level input range: 0.2-6V - 1100 watts*1ch @1ohms RMS output -
900 watts*1ch@2ohms RMS output - 600 watts *1ch@4ohms bridged
output - 0-18dB bass boost - 0-180 degree swift phase - Lpf filter: 40hz-
200Hz - 10-50Hz subsonic - Signal to noise ratio: > 95>db - Frequency
response: 20-200Hz - Line out - Protections: Short circuit / low impedance
/ reversal of polarity / heat protection - Remote bass control - Dimension: